Who Am I

The most significant things about me are that I am a Christ follower and an INFJ personality type (as defined by Myers-Briggs personality types).  I look for meaning in everything, can be moved to tears by simple beauty, have complex thoughts and emotions running through me, am an idealist, am primarily gentle and caring, have uncanny insight into people and situations and very strong intuition.  I am primarily an artistic/creative person and I also seem to have a counseling gift which I love to use to help other people.  The main focus of my life is following God and I fully believe God has a plan for my life and following that plan has led to the biggest adventures I could ever have imagined.  If I died today I would feel like there was a reason that I was on the planet and that I was focused on loving God and loving others unconditionally.

Mine is an alien righteousness; I possess no righteousness of my own.

Simultaneously Sinner and Saint


Memorial Service